Before we used Deccan our Systems Task Management was paper-based. Strictly linear, if this then that. Now we do less move-ups than we were ever doing because we are looking at the data now to trigger a move as opposed to it just feels good and because we’ve always done it.

– Bryan Wiseman

Commander, Williamson County

The Deccan tools have been instrumental in changing our culture from opinion based decision making to data-driven decision making. 

– Jim Hartman 

Batallion Chief of Planning & Research, Rochester NY Fire Dept. 

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Client Testimonial:

Division Chief Brad Mason explains how Johnson County EMS improved response performance while reducing the total number of move-ups by using LiveMUM.


Client Testimonial:

Deputy Chief of Operations James Rexwinkel shares how his department is using data to measure their new community outreach program.


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Client Testimonial:

Former Virginia Beach Fire Department District Chief, Michael Barakey, shares how the department used Deccan software to produce the data they needed for the accreditation process.

Client Testimonial:

Deputy Chief of Osceola County Fire and Rescue, Larry Collier, discusses how his department uses data to help with changes in deployment.

Client Testimonial:

Departments from across the country discuss the importance of using data to significantly improve processes.

Client Testimonial:

The Louisville Fire Department uses the LiveMUM application to help identify coverage gaps in       real-time with CAD